Why Au pair Australia

why our sydney agency

Screening and Background Checks: –

Our Sydney Agency is committed to the safety and well-being of the children under their care. Our Au pair agency employs a rigorous screening process to select au pairs, ensuring that they meet high standards of experience, education, and character. Background checks, reference verifications, and thorough interviews are integral parts of this process.

We work with top overseas agencies and we therefore have access to a wide pool of excellent au pair candidates. We have been working with the majority of our partners for a number of years and our team members regularly make visits to them to ensure we have the best possible working relationships.

We conduct thorough screening and background checks on au pairs and host families. This helps ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the placement.

Au pair Australia stands out as a trusted and reliable partner for families seeking high-quality childcare solutions. From a global network of qualified au pairs to personalized matching services and comprehensive support, the agency’s commitment to excellence is evident at every step. Choosing Au pair Australia is a decision that not only prioritizes the well-being of children but also fosters cultural exchange and enriching experiences for both families and au pairs.

Personalized Matching Services:

A personalized service often begins with a thorough matching process. This process takes into account the preferences, personalities, and needs of both parties, increasing the likelihood of a successful placement.

Our Sydney Au pair agency considers the specific preferences, personalities, and requirements of both au pairs and host families to create compatible matches.

Understanding that every family has unique needs and preferences, Au Pair Australia takes pride in offering personalized matching services. Families are provided with profiles of potential au pairs that align with their requirements, allowing them to make informed decisions based on factors such as skills, language proficiency, and cultural compatibility.

What factors do we consider when selecting applicants for you? 

  • Start & end date
  • Your location
  • Age(s) of the child(ren)
  • Driving
  • Language skills
  • Pets
  • Additional requested skills, such as swimming

Comprehensive Support:

Au pair Australia goes beyond just connecting families with au pairs; we provide comprehensive support and training throughout the placement period. Families and au pairs receive guidance on cultural integration, communication strategies, and conflict resolution. This commitment ensures a positive experience for both parties.

We offer customized support services based on the needs of the participants. This could include assistance with visa applications, travel arrangements, and orientation programs tailored to the individual circumstances of au pairs.

  • Responsive Communication:
  • Readily available to address the questions and concerns of both au pairs and host families, providing clear and timely information throughout the entire process.


  • Ongoing Support:
    • Personalized service often extends beyond the initial placement. We continue to offer ongoing support to ensure a positive experience for both parties. This may include assistance with conflict resolution, additional training, or support during unforeseen circumstances.


  • Conflict Resolution:
    • In the event of disputes or conflicts between au pairs and host families, we act as mediators and help find solutions. This can contribute to a smoother and more harmonious placement.

Legal Compliance and Documentation

Navigating the legal requirements of hosting an au pair in Sydney can be complex. We provide families with guidance on legal compliance, visa processes, and necessary documentation. This commitment to compliance ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for families and au pairs alike.

Using a local au pair agency in Sydney provides peace of mind for both au pairs and host families. Knowing that the placement is facilitated by professionals who understand the intricacies of the au pair program can alleviate concerns and uncertainties.

Au Pair Australia reserves the right to refuse acceptance to an applicant who we believe to be unsuitable for our programs for any reason.