Family Requirements

Requirements To host an au pair in Sydney

The main criteria to qualify as a host family:

requirements to host an au pair in Sydney

Hosting an au pair in Sydney involves welcoming a young person into your home to assist with childcare and light household duties in exchange for room, board, and cultural exposure.

Au pair Australia aims to facilitate meaningful connections between host families and au pairs, creating an environment where both parties benefit.

It is crucial to treat the au pair as a valued family member, ensuring their active participation in various family activities, such as shared meals, evening TV time, and weekend getaways. This not only establishes the foundation for the entire au pair program but also creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Imagine it as if your own child were embarking on a year-long, host-based gap year experience abroad. Strive to be the kind of family that you would want your own child to encounter and feel embraced by.

Family requirements 

To become a host family in Australia and participate in the au pair program, families typically need to meet certain requirements. Here are some common criteria that host families in Sydney are often expected to fulfill:


Host families must be Australian residents or citizens.

Home Environment:

Provide a suitable and safe living environment for the au pair in Sydney. This includes a private room, access to basic amenities, and a comfortable living space.

Children in the Household:

Have at least one child under the age of 18 living in the household.

Working Hours and Duties: Clearly define the au pair’s working hours, responsibilities, and au pair’s duties. This includes expectations around childcare, light household tasks, and any additional responsibilities.

Criminal Record Check:

Undergo a criminal background check for all members of the household who are 18 years old or older.

Language Requirements:

Be willing to accommodate an au pair who may have a different native language.

Be open to participating in a cultural exchange experience.

Financial Responsibility:

Provide room and board for the au pair in Sydney.

Agree to pay the au pair’s stipend as specified by our agency and program guidelines.

Regular Communication:

Maintain open and regular communication with the au pair.

Be willing to discuss expectations and address any concerns promptly.

Cultural Exchange Commitment:

Be committed to fostering a positive cultural exchange experience for both the host family and the au pair. The au pair program in Sydney is often seen as a cultural exchange program, so families are expected to provide opportunities for the au pair to experience Australian culture and daily life.

Host families are expected to actively engage their au pairs in local customs and experiences. Whether it’s attending community events or sharing family traditions, these interactions enhance the overall program.


Be flexible with working hours and responsibilities, as au pairs typically work around 25-30 hours, with a maximum of 40 hrs per week.

It’s important to note that these are general requirements. Before applying to become a host family, carefully review these requirements and ensure that you can meet them. Additionally, communicate openly with our au pair agency in Sydney to address any questions or concerns you may have.