What does an au pair do

Responsibilities of an Au pair

responsibilities of au pairs in sydney

The role and responsibilities of au pairs in Sydney, or in any location, typically involves providing childcare assistance and performing light household duties in exchange for room, board, and a cultural exchange experience.

The specific duties and responsibilities can vary depending on the agreement with the host family and the needs of the children. Here are some common tasks that au pairs in Sydney might be expected to perform:


Supervising and caring for the children in the host family.

Engaging in age-appropriate activities, playtime, and educational games.

Assisting with homework or other learning activities.

Light Housekeeping:

Performing light household duties related to the children, such as tidying up their play areas, doing their laundry, and preparing their meals.

Keeping the children’s bedrooms and common areas neat and organized.


Assisting with school drop-offs and pick-ups.

Driving the children to extracurricular activities or playdates, if applicable.

Language Support:

Providing language support if the au pair and host family speak different languages.

Engaging in language exchange activities to help improve language skills.

Cultural Exchange:

Sharing aspects of their own culture with the host family.

Participating in family activities and events.

Flexible Schedule:

Being flexible with working hours to accommodate the needs of the host family.

Understanding that childcare responsibilities may extend beyond traditional working hours.


Maintaining open and effective communication with the host family regarding the children’s needs, schedules, and any issues that may arise.

It’s important for both the au pair and the host family to establish clear expectations and guidelines for the arrangement. The au pair experience is intended to be a cultural exchange, providing the au pair with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture while assisting the host family with childcare and light household duties.

Before becoming an au pair in Sydney, or anywhere else, individuals should carefully review and discuss the terms of the arrangement with the host family to ensure a mutual understanding of roles, responsibilities, working hours, compensation (if any), and cultural exchange goals.